COVID-19 Mobile Just-In-Time Content Development

Cell Podium has developed 70 worker safety modules including gamified content and videos on COVID-19 information, protection and vaccination protocols, guidelines for avoiding stress and misinformation, and interactive sessions and surveys that engage while generating analytics (collected at the LMS) that allow clients to track the compliance of workers and employers with public health recommendations. These modules are listed in Appendix A of this report. Appendix A also indicates if a module was developed for (or tailored to) a specific campaign. Figure 8 illustrates three of these modules.

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Most modules were derived from the NIEHS WTP Essential Worker Training Course, available at the WTP Clearinghouse link . One module is derived from the Workplace Checklist for Prevention of Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 Virus in Non-Healthcare Industries (Figure 9). All courses were checked by the Rutgers School of Public Health Center for Public Health Workforce Development.

COVID -19 Mobile Campaign Deployments

Thirteen organizations (Table 1) initially subscribed to Cell Podium’s LMS and content to train their constituents on COVID-19 safety and vaccination protocols. The LMS provides each organization with its own enrollment link, and the LMS collects analytics on the constituents of each organization. This way, each organization can evaluate the effectiveness of its COVID-19 safety outreach and constituents’ adherence to public health recommendations. To date, 880 people have enrolled in the LMS, and enrollment is increasing at a rate of one new subscriber per day. The current list of organizations using these courses (Appendix B) found them through the link in the NIEHS WTP Clearinghouse (